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PVA EXPO PRAHA Výstaviště Letňany

FOR PASIV and FOR WOOD 2024: Advice on subsidies and low-energy buildings

The FOR PASIV trade fair is a traditional valuable source of information not only for those who want to build a new building, but also for all visitors planning to renovate existing houses.

As a part of the FOR WOOD trade fair, companies and products from the field of wooden constructions, technological innovations or modern materials enabling the design of demanding constructions and structural elements of wooden houses will be presented.

Preparations for the spring concurrence of these important industry events are already in full swing, and leading manufacturers, implementers and distributors in the field of building materials, technologies and heating are slowly filling the exhibition areas at PVA EXPO PRAGUE. Visitors from the ranks of experts and the general public will get to know the novelties of these fields as well as the current possibilities of using subsidies for economical housing.

In addition to the exclusive products on display, it will also be possible to visit the free counseling center organized in cooperation with the Passive House Center at the Letňany exhibition center or choose from many points of the accompanying program.

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