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Plan of exhibition area FOR PASIV 2020



The seventh edition of the Trade Fair for Low-energy, Passive and Zero-energy Buildings FOR PASIV has registered a large growth of interest among both exhibitors and visitors this year again. This was supported in a significant way also by the FOR WOOD Trade Fair where more than 70 firms were presenting their products and services this year. The offer of wooden buildings and constructions enjoyed a large interest on the part of visitors, and the trade fairs together created an integrated offer of cost-efficient living.


This trade fair combination will feature a great innovation in 2020, namely extension by the FOR THERM Trade Fair. Its specialisation will be stoves, fireplaces and boilers and this way it promises satisfaction of demand from this sector on the parts of exhibitors and investors.


Already now, visitors can look forward to a comprehensive offer of state subsidy programmes for support of low-energy living, to specific-topic lectures, free-of-charge advisory centres, where they will have an opportunity of personal implementations and consultations regarding their ideas directly with professionals, and also to complete representation of firms from all segments of low-energy and passive constructions.


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Interesting changes and novelties at the FOR PASIV 2019 building trade fair!

The unique concurrence of FOR PASIV trade fairs will become a number one of its kind in the Czech Republic in 2019. Popular event will be held at PVA EXPO PRAGUE in hall n.2 that covers  4 000 square metres of gross exhbition area.  The number of exhibitors will increase and there will be a significant increase in the nomenclature, mainly in the field of heating.


Moreover, FOR PASIV trade fair is returning back to its long tradition, i.e. connection with the FOR WOOD trade fair, that replaces ALL ABOUT WOOD trade fair in 2019. The 12th edition of the FOR WOOD trade fair is focused on wooden structures and products that meet the demand not only of the exhibitiors, but also visitors!


FOR PASIV 2019 and FOR WOOD 2019 are held during 7 – 9 February 2019 at PVA EXPO PRAGUE.



DATE: 6 - 8 February 2020


Address: Beranovych 667, 199 00, Prague 9 - Czech republic



3. – 5. 2. 2020, 8.00 a.m. - 10.00 p.m. (Monday - Wednesday)


In case you need an "early assembly" (assembly before the official day), please contact us at An early assembly is possible only on 2nd February 2020 after previous agreement.



8.2.2020, 16.00 p.m. NONSTOP till 9.2.2020, 04.00 a.m. (Saturday - Sunday)







APPLICATION FORMS - Individual Forms:



NOTE: Please send the signed forms to the Foreign Trade Departmentr at or to the adsress of ABF, a.s.: Delnicka 12, 170 00, Prague 7, Czech Republic.








FOR PASIV and ALL ABOUT WOOD 2018 - Official video

Trade fairs FOR PASIV and ALL ABOUT WOOD have just started!

On Thursday 8 February 2018 the 6th session of the trade fair for low energy, passive and zero-energy buildings FOR PASIV and the 3rd session of the ALL ABOUT WOOD trade fair started. ALL ABOUT WOOD trade fair is focused on the wooden buildings and constructions as well as wood processing technologies. You are welcomed to visit PVA EXPO PRAGUE to enjoy the trade fairs or to find your business partners every day  until Saturday 10 February 2018.

FOR PASIV 2017 - Videoreport



Every year it is possible to see presentations of the number one firms from the sector at these trade fairs. Every firm which deals with designing and budgeting activities, constructions and renovations, supply of building materials and technical equipment of buildings, diagnostics, audits, consultancy or methods of funding can find its place there. 




The interest in cost-efficient living always grows. This is evidenced not only by the growing interest of companies in presenting their products and services there, but also by the continually growing number of visitors, which has exceeded 21,000 this year.




An interesting accompanying programme will be prepared for both visitors and exhibitors again, inspiring and motivating the general as well as professional public and offering answers to people’s questions. 
The annual trade fair event known as Střechy Praha (Roofs Prague) will be held simultaneously in the same trade fair series. 




 For more information on the trade fair please visit and


The 2017 FOR PASIV and ALL ABOUT WOOD trade fairs visited by over 21,000 people in three days

The market of energy-efficient and passive houses is on the rise. And the FOR PASIV and ALL ABOUT WOOD trade fairs are a great example of this trend. On 9-11 February 2017, these two concurrent events were visited by a total number of 21,348 visitors and they hosted 125 exhibitors from 5 countries, which makes the even the largest specialized exhibition of passive and wooden construction solutions in the Czech Republic.


Besides presentations of leading companies on the market, a rich accompanying programme took place within the trade fair. Professional trainings, lectures, updates on the new legislation or subsidy programmes, presentations of products and press conferences, all this was available to both the end clients and the professional public that forms the audience of the FOR PASIV and ALL ABOUT WOOD trade fairs.   


The award ceremony of the 2016 PASSIVE HOUSE competition took place within the trade fair. The winner of this prestigious award is a family house in Cernosice in Central Bohemian region, designed by architect Irena Truhlarova of ARCHON atelier, s.r.o.


We believe that in 2018 the FOR PASIV and ALL ABOUT WOOD trade fairs will increase even more the quality of expositions and showcased products, and that the event will break yet another record in terms of number of exhibitors, visitors and total exhibition area.  

Use the request form the get an individual offer from us:





"B" APPLICATION FORM - Complete expositions

FOR PASIV - TURNKEY APPLICATION FORM  (Exhibition area + fully equipped shell scheme) 


"C" APPLICATION FORM - Passive presentation







NOTEPlease send the signed forms to the Foreign Trade Department at or to the address of ABF, a.s.: Dělnická 213/12, 170 00 Praha 7, Czech Republic.

THE CURRENCY EXCHANGE RATE valid for 2017 is:  27,02 CZK = 1 EUR 



German craftsmen mission on fairs: Cesty dřeva, FOR PASIV, Střechy, Řemeslo, PURPO 2017. Press release

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) at the Centre for Regional Development of the Czech Republic have organized with a cooperation with ABF company and Roofs Prague mission of German entrepreneurs on February crafts fairs, which will take place at PVA EXPO PRAGUE in Letnany.

The main foreign partner of the project is EEN at Dresden Chamber of Trades and Crafts Handwerkskammer Dresden, members of which have a long-term interest in cooperation with Czech crafts firms and suppliers of building materials.

Ten participants from Dresden and neighbourhood have registered to mission. Most represented were carpenters and joiners, producers of wooden constructions, windows and doors, pergolas, winter gardens, terraces and saunas. Fair was visited by, for instance, producer of children playgrounds or expert on wood quality.

After introductory round of bilateral Czech-German negotiations, German entrepreneurs visited the fair, where they searched for new partners for their business; especially saws and suppliers of raw wood suitable for carpenters and joiners, and other small firms: carpenters and joiners – suppliers for own realization in Germany. Participants evaluated professional orientation of the fair where they got a good overview of a situation in those crafts sectors in Czech Republic and took interesting contacts to presented exhibitors. Some carried with them samples of roof covers or wood and right on a place negotiated with exhibitors about prices, technical and another aspects of possible cooperation. Organizers ensured professional translations, what overcame possible initial Czech-German language barrier.

EEN at the Centre for Regional Development of the Czech Republic have contacted appropriate Czech firms before the event and ensured Czech-German negotiations during the fair. German participants were satisfied with the visit and both EEN partners have agreed on repetition of the same mission on crafts fair in 2018.


Contact person: Eva Hrubešová, Enterprise Europe Network at the Centre for Regional Development of the Czech Republic, U Nákladového nádraží 3144/4, 130 00 Praha 3 - Strašnice, tel. 225 855 321, e-mail


FOR PASIV in Breakfast with Nova

The most important information about passive houses gained viewers of Thursday Breakfast with Nova. Those who missed interesting inputs in the morning, could come to the concurrent fairs FOR PASIV and CESTY DŘEVA (ALL ABOUT WOOD) where are dozens of reputable companies would like to advise them. Outside exposure there is also a possibility to visit specialized lectures. More information on and

The best passive house became a wooden house from Černošice by ARCHCON atelier

Public chose the best passive house of 2016. It is a wooden house in Černošice, proposed by architect Irena Truhlářová from the studio ARCHCON atelier. Nearly a fifth (17, 3%) of voters voted for the house. In choosing the winners participated a total of 4 815 people, or about 59 percent more than inlast year. Technical details of the house you would find here. The owners won the Public Award and two-wing American refrigerator. On the second place is the family home Kociánka by architect Pavel Jury with a total of 563 votes (more here), and the third is the  house ATREA Liberec-Ruprechtice, designed by engineer Thomas Krupa from the studio Symbiosa, with 513 votes (more here). The winner was announced at the opening ceremony of the FOR PASIV with a participation of the Environment Minister Richard Brabec. Public Award was handed over the winner by Director of the State Environmental Fund Petr Valdman.

Awards also received three people who participated in the poll. Each of them received a voucher for purchasing of goods for 15 000 crowns in SIKO KOUPELNY & KUCHYNĚ, from supplier of chimney systems CIKO, and for the purchase of a range of lights from Zumtobel and Thorn.

This year 53 original energy-efficient buildings were registered. The expert jury have selected the best thirteen of them. The novelty, comparing to last year, was that houses could compete in two categories – Passive family house and Other highly energy-efficient buildings. The winners are four. An independent jury chose one in each category - they won the Jury Prize, award Prize of general partner took Isover, a division of Saint-Gobain Construction Products CZ. Own winner from a full thirteen of finalists chose public itself and thanks to the total number of votes it won Public Award.

Note, in competition were able to take part houses, which were built and reconstructed during the last two years.

The competition Passive House 2016 was organized for the second year by ABF company. The actual coordination was ensured by an independent organization Centrum pasivního domu (Passive House Centre). The event is held annually under the auspices of the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic.

FOR PASIV and CESTY DŘEVA fairs have started

On  Thursday, February 9, 2017 has started the fifth edition of the fair for low-energy, passive and zero-energy buildings FOR PASIV and new edition of the fair CESTY DŘEVA (ALL ABOUT WOOD) focused on cabins, log cabins and prefabricated buildings. The ceremonial bond cut Industry and Trade Minister Jan Mládek  together with the Environment Minister Richard Brabec, chairman of the Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises of the Czech Republic Karel Havlíček, director of ABF company Tomas Kotrč and the director of the Roofs Prague fair Jitka Šefránková. Visitors could look forward to nearly three hundred interesting expositions in the gross exhibition area of 12 600 square meters and a rich accompanying program. Fair will last until Saturday, February 11. On Thursday and Friday it is open from 10 to 18. On Saturday the action will end at 17.  More information about fairs could be found on websites and

Come to the trade fair with children!

The FOR PASIV Trade Fair to offer the state-of the-art trends in the field of passive buildings. The event will include also the Cesty dřeva (All About Wood) and Střechy Praha (Roofs Prague) Trade Fairs

Are you planning construction or renovation of a house? Are you running a firm operating in the field of the wood-processing industry or are you a craftsman? If yes, then please welcome to the Trade Fair of Low-energy, Passive and Zero-energy Building FOR PASIV and simultaneously held Trade Fairs CESTY DŘEVA (ALL ABOUT WOOD) and STŘECHY PRAHA (ROOFS PRAGUE). The trade fairs will be held from 9 to 11 February 2017 at the PVA EXPO PRAGUE Exhibition Centre in Letňany.



The FOR PASIV Trade Fair will introduce all about passive buildings, walled as well as wooden buildings, and an advisory centre is prepared for you as well.




The FOR PASIV Trade Fair will be focused on the area of designing and construction of low-energy, passive and zero-energy buildings. Appropriate attention will be paid also to renovations, building materials, technical equipment, diagnostics, audits or financing of constructions. An attractive accompanying programme will be prepared as well. “Visitors will be able to use a free-of-charge advisory centre, which we organise in cooperation with the PASSIVE HOUSE CENTRE. They can find inspiration also at the ceremonial declaration of the PASSIVE HOUSE OF 2016 competition, where we will appreciate the most interesting passive houses and houses featuring very low energy consumption in the territory of the Czech Republic,” says Kateřina Maštalířová, Trade Fair Manager. The main topics for this year’s edition are “Life in a Passive House” and “Controlled Ventilation”. The topics will be included in everyday lectures and will interconnect visitors with the advisory centre, where experts will answer the questions concerning energy-saving constructions. Those interested will therefore obtain interesting information regarding the construction materials that can be used and the most effective technology, as well as the information about how to obtain subsidies or where to address requests for assistance with the design.


The CESTY DŘEVA (ALL ABOUT WOOD) Trade Fair will be focused on log cabins, timber constructions and wooden buildings.



At the trade fair it will be possible to see presentations of log cabins, timber constructions and prefabricated wooden buildings. An attractive accompanying programme is prepared as well. Visitors may look forward, for example, to the project entitled “ROUBENKA NAŽIVO” ("Timber Construction in Live Transmission"), where students of the Higher Professional School and Secondary Technical School of Volyně in cooperation with DEKWOOD are to construct the front part of a timber construction. The DEKWOOD Company will furthermore present its range of services within the framework of lectures focused on living in a timber construction. Many useful lectures, seminars and advisory centres are prepared within the framework of the simultaneous organisation of the trade fairs. This means that also the professional as well as general public will find there a lot of interesting things. A part of the CESTY DŘEVA (ALL ABOUT WOOD) Trade Fair will include also the first qualification round of the competition overview of building trades and crafts known as SUSO. The General Partner of the trade fair is the National Wood Processing Cluster.

For more detailed information please visit the web sites,


DO YOU KNOW THAT... a passive house can be built almost from anything? ________________________________________

The most suitable constructions for passive houses are those which are able to ensure high-quality insulation capacities at the lowest possible thickness of walls. Selection of the construction material is influenced by construction costs as well as directly by useful characteristics or other advantages of the given type of constructions. As far as the final appearance of the construction is concerned, the selection of the constructional material does not have almost any influence. After the plastering phase it is almost impossible to differ wooden buildings from walled houses and on the other hand, some solid constructions lined with larch wood look as wooden buildings.





You can obtain more information on these topics from 9 to 11 February 2017 at the FOR PASIV Trade Fair, or visit the web site

FOR PASIV - 2016 stats:

  • Exhibitors: 120
  • Countries represented: 3
  • Net exhibition area: 2 460 m2
  • Visitors: 19 705
  • Accredited journalists: 100

Plan of exhibition area